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Image of schedule & notable trees protected by Purearb technical arborists Christchurch

Technical Arborist - Consultants in Tree Maintenance & Protection in the Christchurch & Canterbury region

Tree management and assessments - a service offered by Purearb technical arborists Christchurch

Our Services

​​Purearb provides independent technical arboricultural consultancy in sound management methodologies in tree maintenance, protection, and replacement within and around the urban environment.

To achieve good results, Purearb incorporates a holistic approach to green space management integrating local government and private sector goals.

Our Projects

Purearb have been engaged as technical arborists by councils and large organisations in Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island to undertake tree surveys and provide advice and guidance regarding the health and condition, and future management of trees. 

This includes conducting Quantified Tree Risk Assessments (QTRA) and assessments of the condition of trees in public spaces. 

Purearb technical arborist Martin Andrews on a project in Christchurch New Zealand
Image of New Zealand conservation area by Purearb technical arborists Christchurch

About Purearb Ltd

Purearb Ltd. is an arboricultural consultancy company that provides high-quality services to clients throughout the South Island, New Zealand. The principal consultant with Purearb, Martin Andrews, Technical Arborist, has been involved in the arboricultural industry for the past 20 years, during which he has gained a wide range of knowledge in tree management and its regulation, be that registered significant schedule trees or trees in relation to development.

Our Clients

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