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Tree removal certificates & tree removal requests - a service offered by Purearb technical arborists Christchurch

Tree Removal Certificate & Tree Removal Request

These reports are completed and signed by our Christchurch City Council (CCC) Approved Technician Arborists*, providing information and data gathered from the inspection and assessment.

The Tree Removal Certificate is used to certify that a significant tree scheduled in the Christchurch District Plan is dead or has a loss of structural integrity and meets the criteria for removal.

Tree Removal Request can be submitted under one of the following three categories:
1.    Health reasons, Section 4.20 of the Tree Policy.
2.    Property damage, Section 4.21 of the Tree Policy.
3.    Other issues, Section 4.22 of the Tree Policy.

* Technician arborist

a. by possession of a recognised arboricultural degree or diploma and on the job experience is familiar with the tasks, equipment and hazards involved in arboricultural operations; and

b. has demonstrated proficiency in tree inspection and evaluating and treating hazardous trees; and

c. has demonstrated competence to level 6 NZQA Diploma in Arboriculture standard (or be of an equivalent arboricultural standard).

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