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Arboricultural Tree Survey & Protection Methodologies (Linwood Park upgrades)

Purearb was engaged by the Project Lead for Sports Turf Consultant of Sports Surface Design and Management to provide advice and guidance concerning the Linwood Park upgrades and proposed drainage and irrigation systems in proximity to a number of significant trees, and how the trees will be impacted by the works required.

The survey aimed to provide an oversight/overview for the protection and management of the trees at Linwood Park, Christchurch. The sports field upgrades include installing a network of drainage and irrigation systems in proximity to the northeast (Linwood Ave.) boundary trees using open trench methods.

The report made recommendations for the trees’ sustainable management by implementing protection measures to prevent or mitigate adverse effects that the development may have on the subject trees – in particular, the impact upon the roots, the health, and the structural stability of the trees.

Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) analysis was employed to undertake a geophysical assessment to investigate the lateral extension of the subject trees’ rooting morphology, to determine the detrimental effects the proposed drainage and irrigation systems, using an open trench method may have on the trees.


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