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Arboricultural Tree Survey & QTRA

Purearb was engaged by Christchurch City Council’s Regional Parks Department to provide advice and guidance regarding the health and condition, and future management of the plantings of pines, gums, and willows trees at Ferrymead Park, Ferrymead, Christchurch.

Regional Parks Department Ranger requested a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) for the coastal trees at the Ferrymead Area, as per the Council’s duty of care in ascertaining the trees’ risk thresholds, and to include recommendations for their risk management. The survey concentrates upon various prominent tree groups, which adorn the southern side of the Heathcote River, and sited adjacent to Bridle Path Road to the east of the Park.

The area surveyed located to the Lower Heathcote River edge Reserve, situated due southeast of Christchurch Central City. The area is currently used for passive recreation, with a network of tree-shaded walking tracks throughout the reserve – the comprising canopy coverage of the foremost exotic deciduous and coniferous high forest canopy cover. The native restoration plantings that include Saltmarsh ribbonwood, Ngaio and Flax will eventuate into the prominent canopy coverage.


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