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Arboricultural Tree Survey & QTRA

Purearb was engaged by Christchurch City Council’s Regional Parks Department to provide advice and guidance regarding the health and condition, and future management of the plantings of lakeside trees at Lake Roto Kohatu, Harewood, Christchurch.

Regional Parks Department Ranger requested a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) for the coastal trees at the Ferrymead Area, as per the Council’s duty of care in ascertaining the trees’ risk thresholds, and to include recommendations for their risk management. The survey concentrates upon various prominent tree groups, which adorn the lakeside margins to the north, south and west of Lake Rua, situated next to the Sawyers Arms Reserve to the west.

The area surveyed was located at Lake Roto Kohatu, Sawyers Arms Reserve, situated northwest of Christchurch Central City. The comprising canopy coverage of the foremost exotic deciduous species plantings predominantly comprises a monoculture of semi-mature to mature willow/alder trees, with intermittent restoration riparian plantings of various native plant species. The site receives various degrees of formal and informal management and limited arboricultural interventions. The topography arrangement of natural and artificial physical features forms a pleasant aspect of the composition and function of this urban city environment.


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