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Cabling & Bracing Inspection of Trees in Timaru

Purearb received instruction from Timaru District Council to complete an arboricultural inspection and report for the cabling and bracing of the trees in the Timaru district.

This assessment is to determined the condition of the restraint and support systems installed, and assessed any adverse deterioration in the supported or supporting structure(s) in the tree(s). Where trees have developed a structural weakness, which presents a hazard to people and property and where the problem cannot be addressed with remedial pruning alone, the installation of restraints and/or supports in the tree, might reduce the risk of structural failure.

All forms of restraint in a tree should be installed in accordance with best arboricultural practices, notably demonstrated in the Knowledge of Tree Support Systems in Arboriculture (25400 NZQA), Recommendations for Tree Works (BS 3998: 2010) and Principles of Tree Hazard Assessment and Management (Section 6.5 Lonsdale, D. 2006).


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